The History of the Six Shooter Band
As remember By Dave Jackson

S2E3 - HO HO NO!

2 years ago

December 30, 1995 -HO HO NO! (YOKO’S COMING!)

The band battles sickness (John has Walking Pneumonia). After sitting on their frustrations for a week, John and Kevin announce to Dave their frustration with Jesse. His speeding up of songs, his lack of initiative to learn the songs as they are on the record, his purposeful neglect of the recorded version, and his negative attitude are really pissing John and Kevin off. A new problem is looming on the horizon. Yoko received a keyboard for Christmas. SHE IS ALREADY LEARNING OUR MATERIAL. Hello?!?!?! I don’t remember an audition? I don’t remember anyone asking for an audition?

For Yoko to be in the band she would have to meet the same criteria. She would have to have musical talent, the same taste in music, the same vision as the bands, and a GOOD ATTITUDE. With this in mind, it is feasible to say it is impossible for Yoko to be in the band. This is without asking the obvious question: “Who watches the kidS in about two months. What a nightmare. The band has taken two weeks off for the holidays.

Dave was originally not for firing Jesse, but this new development poses a new threat. Getting a new drummer

would also open the door for possibly hiring a keyboardist which Dave still feels we need. After reaching new heights with the first gig, the band is set to derail in 1996.

January 3rd, 1996 Talking to Michael

With the band not certain about Jesse’s future, Dave talks to Michael Gorfido about the possibility of joining the band in the event that an opening should appear. Michael seems pretty interested. The fact that the band owns a drum set seems very attractive. Dave gives the general sales pitch (Sounding like the record, having fun, while being serious, etc.). Oddly enough it seems the gossip lines have been lighting up about the band. Michael already knew the band owns a drum set. Another coincidence is that Beth Daugherty (Keyboardist/Singer/Steel Player) stops into to talk to Kevin to see how things are going with the band. Dave and Kevin talk on the phone and decide the gossip line at GEI is fiber optic.

January 6th Scouting Patrol

John, Kevin, and Dave go out to see some of the local talent. They go into the now famous “Kicking Country.” There were no bands, but the owner “Shorty” has heard of the band “Six Shooter,” He would like a tape. Dave attempts to shit one on the spot but fails.

The band ventures into the “Red Dog Saloon” and sees the band “Naked Spur.” They are a six-piece band that is very good. The band's set leaves Dave wanting a keyboardist so bad his nuts hurt. Someday we will sound this good. If you were to take away the 2 members they have, it would be a much more even battle.

The band stumbles into the “Silver Dollar.” A bar where the bar owner has the house band. This is done in an effort to hear a band that sucks. It’s true; we could blow these guys away. Their guitarist is very good, and Dave realizes he needs to work some more on picking up some pure country licks.

The band goes to breakfast and realizes that they really need to make some type of demo tape. They ponder the thought of using “Conjunction Junction (what’s your function?)” as a sound check. By using Dave’s 8-track deck, the band could substitute a different drummer if needed by rerecording the drum tracks only. Upon leaving the restaurant, the band finds themselves in a blizzard. Poor Dave doesn’t get home until 5:00 a.m.

Jan 9th Time to Move on

Jesse again misses practice. Consequently, the band takes some time to ponder the decision of booting him out of the band. The decision is made to pursue another drummer and severe our ties to Jesse. The band will also pursue Beth the keyboard player (that was put on hold partially by Yoko). It is a hard decision, but in the long run, it will be for the best. On a lighter note, Dave plans to sneak the band's logo into a nationwide newsletter that he publishes at work.

Dave Jackson