The History of the Six Shooter Band
As remember By Dave Jackson

S2E7 - Pimping the Band Part 2

3 years ago


After waiting for John to show up, the band runs off a few copies of the new demo tape, pack into Kevin’s Volkswagen Rabbit and head off to promote the band. They stop at the Red Dog Saloon. We drop off a tape and a bio sheet. The owner says that business is bad. She will need a week to listen to the tape. She’s looking for a band that can pack the place. It was a quick call, and the boys are off to another sight.

We decided to stop into a bar called the “Tangled Spur” that Dave heard about from Karen the GEI receptionist. We talk to Mary who is the bartender/owner’s wife. For an older woman, she’s not bad looking. We get a few beers and settle in as Kevin ventures up to sing a Kareeokee tune. He was impressive. We find that the bar has a house band that is currently Bass playerless. This is a darn shame. We offer to fill in while they find a new bass player (cause we’re nice guys). Mary can’t make that decision. We decide to wait for Glen. Unfortunately, the band is subjected to “Mike J the DJ.” Who can’t sing, or run sound. Yes, it’s safe to say that he sucked. A guy named Vince ventures up to sing a song. He’s not bad but hits a few clinkers. Kevin ventures up and sings “Doomis Walker,” After some ribbing from John, Dave ventures up on stage and joins Kevin. Glenn still had not arrived, so Kevin an Lee decide to go to “Toots Pub” and drop off a tape. Meanwhile, Dave and John are tortured with another song by Mike the DJ and another fine tune from Vince.

During one of Mike the DJ’s screw-ups (his microphone exploded), John and Dave figure out that one of the members of the house band “Canyon Breeze” is in the bar. Kevin and Lee return and report they did get their foot in the door, as well as possibly find a source for more bars to investigate. The band explains how they could pack the bar with people from work to Mary. Kevin sings another tune, now Mike the DJ has the sound so messed up that Kevin can’t hear himself and hits a few sour notes. John can't believe the level of “SUCK” that Mike possesses. When Glen finally arrives 90 minutes later, the band pitches the idea of taking over “temporarily” for the house band. Glenn is definitely frustrated with his current house band “Canyon Breeze.” Kevin ventures up to sing the Hank Williams Jr. tune “A Country Boy Can Survive.” Mike the DJ has the sound so muddy you can barely understand what Kevin is saying, however he is back on tune. Glen’s head turns towards Kevin as Kevin starts the song and starts to show off his voice. John and Dave smile. As the song continues, Kevin shines brighter and brighter (in spite of Mike the DJ). At the climax of the song Kevin (in true Travis Tritt form) absolutely NAILS THE ENDING! The people in the bar start applauding before he is even finished!. Dave and John are sporting wood, and so is Glenn. The band leaves the bar, and have provided Glenn with something to think about. The band ponders the thought of being the house band for the local bar. This would be very convenient. The bar is small, but nice.

The foursome continues on to “Little Rock.” This is a bar that is right down the street from Kevin’s house. The name of the bar is actually “Cappy’s.” This bar is huge compared to the previous bar. It’s very nice. Dave is sporting a woody. The foursome descend upon Chuck the new owner. Chuck has just bought out his brothers, and is putting a lot of money into the bar. He is holding a “Battle of the bands” in September. He is a little frustrated with his DJ. He has an opening the first Week of August. He says he will listen to our tape. Kevin will return to try and close the deal Wednesday. We also get our foot in the door for becoming the “House Band” as Chuck will be looking for one after the battle of the bands is over. Chuck is very impressed that we could be our own DJ during the time when the band would take a break between sets. The “Battle of the Bands” contest will be heavily advertised on a local radio station. The winner gets a recording contract. The band needs to write a tune to enter. This is something to think about. Things go very well at this bar and unless Chuck hates our tape, we should be booked for some type of gig. Dave is very, very happy (as is everyone in the band). The band calls it a night about 1:30 (Lee had left earlier as he was working in the morning).

Dave Jackson